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What you will learn

Improve your pronunciation skills

Expand your vocabulary

Get to know Russian classics and culture better

Meet people of similar interests in a small group online, so everyone can talk and be heard.

How does training work?

Turns linguistic routine into pleasant and interactive ritual

We will meet online every week for reading practice in a small group. The course suggests that we read aloud fragments from Russian classics on particular topics, explain the vocabulary and discuss the meaning of what we read. You will discover various expressive sides of Russian literature and build a useful vocabulary.  

Brings meaning to sounds and helps you to speak

When it comes to a foreign language, it is usually hard to get used to the way it sounds. The course suggests that you accommodate the sound of the language by pronouncing the written words aloud with the guided help of the tutor. The reading sessions are accompanied by particular phonetical topics, so you can train the pronunciation. The course would be more useful for those who have B1-C1 levels.

Anyone can learn to read in Russian and discuss the literature in a cosy and friendly atmosphere


Reading sessions with tutor


Files with working materials


Months of messenger support on any literary or linguistic issue

Classes are conducted —
Yana Agafonova

PhD in Russian Literature and Linguistics, who graduated from the St. Petersburg State University and The European University in St. Petersburg, currently, she gives lectures at the Higher School of Economics, works on historical papers, and settles her life in Argentina.

Сourse fee — $255



A language learning methodology based on reading, understanding and training phonetics.

9 lessons + 1 free trial lesson as a gift